What are the hats made from:

We use rabbit felt.  The felt comes from Europe with EU standards for care and no rabbits are killed in the process. The straw is from Ecuador and is made with fair trade standards.

Where do you make all the things:

Everything is made in house in Nevada City, California.  All hats are hand blocked in traditional millinery fashion.  

How to find your hat size:

Find the place you want your hat to sit.  Most commonly people prefer about one inch above the eyebrows and about a half inch above the ears.  It can different based on each persons preference on where they want their hat to sit. Using a string or soft measuring tape measure that distance and then triple check to make sure.

Visit our size chart to learn more.

If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up and getting a hat size reducer which is basically pieces of weatherstripping you can find at any hardware store.

For the easy way out try this: ZAKIRA Hat Size Reducer Foam Tape Roll