Care Instructions

For the Felt

I always say the last place your hat would want to be is on its side in a hot car. Our felt hats are made from angora which both offers a luxe sheen and texture, and is softer and more comfortable on the head than traditional beaver or sheep's wool. The trade off is that they are more susceptible to weather and heat. I keep my hats on shelves so the brim has a hard surface to lay flat on.

Help your hat retain its look and feel by occasionally brushing it. Looking at your hat from above, brush in a counter-clockwise direction with a soft brush or a sheet from a lint roller.

In general, limit your hat's exposure to intense heat or water.

If your hat gets bent out of shape, contact us for tips to fix it or to send it in for repair.

The good news...if something tragic does happen within the first two years of getting your hat we will fix it once for free, within reason. Contact us about turnaround time. You'll be responsible for the cost of shipping and return.

There is a delicacy to what we make, and like all things, they love to be treated with care. Thanks for keeping it beautiful.